Wind Tunnel (terowongan angin)


Wind Tunnel (terowongan angin)
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Wind tunnel

> Measurement of the drag force
> Determination of the aerodynamic coefficient Cx of different profiles
> Acquisition by direct reading or using datalogging
> Compact format

The shape of the curves F = f (V2) shows the proportionality between the aerodynamic drag force and the velocity squared. For each shape, a slope is determined and thanks to the relation below, the aerodynamic coefficient is estimated. F = 1/2 x ρ x S x Cx v² where ρ is the air density, S is the cross-section of each piece in m², Cx is the aerodynamic coefficient which is specific to the shape (without unit) and v the speed of the air flow in m.s-1.

The aerodynamic quality of a profile is linked to its aerodynamic coefficient.
The more aerodynamic the profile, the lower the coefficient!

Pack of blank shapes
Challenge your students by getting them to sculpt the most aerodynamicshape !

Technical caracteristics:
10 foam blocks that can be slid onto the stress gauge in the aerodynamics
model for measuring the Cx coefficient

Accessories for the wind tunnel
• Demonstrates lift
• Observing the air flow
• Automotive application
with 2 supplied vehicles
With this pack of accessories, emphasize the lift, the air flow on transport
issues with the 2 shapes having very different aerodynamic coefficients.
2 vehicles, 1 aircraft wing profile, wires on a rod to observe power
lines. Wires on rod are delivered non assembled.

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