Trainer For The Study of A Chiller


Trainer For The Study of A Chiller
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Alat peraga training for the study of a chiller terdiri dari komponen-komponen sebagai berikut:
• 1x Mobile Shelf
• 1x Hermetic Compressor
– Daya 2 HP
• 1x Liquid Receiver
• 1x Water-cooled Condensor
• 1x Water Pressure Control Valve
• 1x Filter Dryer
• 1x Liquid Indicator
• 1x Forced Air Evaporator
– Tegangan Masukan 220 VAC – 50 Hz / ~ 1PK
• R-134A as Refrigerant
• 1x Thermostatic Expansion Valve
• 1x Dual Pressure Controller
• 1x Pre-assembled Variable Evaporator Fan Speed Control Knob
• 1x Pre-assembled Indicator Light
• 1x Pre-assembled Compressor Switch
• 1x Pre-assembled Power Switch
• 1x Pre-assembled Power Breaker
• Wiring Conduits, Union and Adapters
• Wires and Wire Connectors
• Copper Tubes
• Flare Nuts and Tee
• Insulation Foam Pipe
• 1x Spool of Solder
• 1x Ammeter
• 1x Voltmeter

• Dapat melakukan minimal 10 percobaan eksperimen
• Buku Petunjuk Penggunaan”

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