Soil Nutrient Analyzer Advanx Innotech


Soil Nutrient Analyzer Advanx Innotech
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1. Soil Nutrient technical parameter
1.1 Stability: Absorbency of light drift<0.003
1.2 Repeatability: Absorbency of light<0.005
1.3 Linearity errors: red light for Copper sulfate, and blue light forpotassium bichromate < 3.0%
1.4 Sensitivity: Red light≥4.5×10 -5 Blue light≥3.17*10 -3
1.5 Wavelength range: Red light 620±5nm; Blue light440±5nm
1.6 Anti-Knocking performance: qualified
2. PH technical parameter
Testing range: 1-14
Error: ±0.1 12
3. Salinity technical parameter
Testing range: 0.01% -1.00%
Error: ±5%
4. Soil moisture technical parameter (TPY-7PC)
Moisture unit: % (m3/m3)
Accuracy: ±2%
Moisture content rate testing range: 0-100%
5. Instrument technical parameter
Display mode: LCD display
Interface: USB
Working environment: 0~40°C 35~85%RH
Alternating current (AC): 220V-240V, 50Hz, adapter: 12V/3A
Size: 32*28*11cm
-73 Crops

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