RFID Training Kit


RFID Training Kit
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1x Manual Base Unit contains a total of 32 Circuit Modification (CM) and fault switches.
Select CM switches as the course progresses, while the protected fault
switches are reserved for Instructor use by means of an integrated, locking-cover assembly.
––Distributed +15 and -15 V DC, and variable ±10 V DC power to the various
circuit training boards. Coarse and fine controls are provided to adjust the variable DC supplies.
––Self-protection against short circuit, reverse voltage, and overcurrent conditions.
––Long-life ZIF connector, with a rotary knob that locks the training board into the base unit. The ZIF
connector itself is protected from damage by built-in stops.
1x board basic programming using FlowCode™ and microcontroller hardware. This board features
a USB programmable PIC microcontroller; on-board peripherals include LEDs, switches, 7-segment single or
QUAD display, LCD display, keypad, light sensor, variable voltage source
1x block practical exercises in USB technology. Students learn about USB by developing eight different
systems: Mouse, Joystick, Temperature logger, USB terminal, USB to RS232 converter, Basic slave,
1x Blocks RFID kit can be used to provide a complete course in developing RFID systems. This will
give students an understanding of the programming techniques involved in developing RFID systems.
An E-Blocks RFID board and four RFID tags embedded into credit cards are included.

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