Refrigeration training system with fault system


Refrigeration training system with fault system
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Power Requirements 3 A single phase
Compressor Capacity 186 W (0.25 hp) Type Hermetic, thermally protected
Refrigerant R134a, nominal charge of 1.09 kg (2.4 lb). The help of a refrigeration technican is required to fill the training system with refrigerant
Operating Pressures (Typical)
Lowest 1.4 barg (20 psig)
Highest 7.6 barg (110 psig)
Evaporator type Forced-air coil with variable-speed fan enclosed in a cooling chamber
Power Requirement 0.35 A
Condenser type Forced-air coil with variable-speed fan, power requirement 0.2 A
Safety Devices High-pressure controller with manual-reset breaker
Control Devices One thermostatic expansion valve, two capillary tubes of differing lengths Low-pressure electronic pressure controller with LCD display,
cut-in/out pressures (typical): 2.1 barg (30 psig) and 0.7 barg (10 psig), respectively Remote-bulb temperature controller with adjustable differential,
setpoint (typical): 5°C (41°F) , Solenoid valve
Instrumentation High- and low-pressure gauges
Auxiliary Equipment Liquid receiver, suction accumulator, filter/drier, manual valves, heat load (two light bulbs)
Sensors :
Thermocouples Seven, “J” type
Pressure Transducers Two 0-690 kPa (0-100 psi), one 0-1034 kPa (0-150 psi)
AC Voltage/Current Signal Conditioners (Isolated) One 0-5 A AC / One 0-150 V AC
Fault Insertion Using six toggle switches accessible behind a lockable hinged panel

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