Real Time PCR Machine


Real Time PCR Machine
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Features :
Intuitive user interface
Open system, versatile and compatible with most commercial reagents
Two channels: SYBR/FAM, ROX/ Texas Red or SYBR/FAM, HEX/ VIC
Superb sensitivity as low as 1 copy
Portable with small footprint makes it ideal for field applications
Results can be automatically emailed directly to user after each run

Light source : High power LED
Detector : Photodiode
Heating/cooling model : Peltier
Ramp rate (Max.) : 3°C/s
Temperature uniformity : ±0.2°C
Temperature accuracy : ±0.2°C
Temperature range : 4-100°C
Sample format ; 8 wells
Reaction volume : 15-150 μl


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