PLC Module


PLC Module
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CPU PLC 100…240 V AC 24, discrete input conforming to IEC 61131-2 Type 1 2 at 0…10 V Relay normally open, discrete output voltage 16 relay 5…125 V DC 5…250 V AC, discrete I/O number 40 maximum number of I/O expansion module 7 for relay output supply voltage limits 85…264 V network frequency 50/60 Hz inrush current 40 A maximum power consumption in VA 70 VA at 100…240 V with max number of I/O expansion module 41 VA at 100…240 V without I/O expansion module power supply output current 0.52 A 5 V for expansion bus 0.24 A 24 V for expansion bus discrete input logic Sink or source (positive/negative) discrete input voltage 24 discrete input voltage type DC analogue input resolution 10 bits LSB value 10 mV conversion time 1 ms per channel + 1 controller cycle time for analogue input analog input permitted

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