Pelatihan Teknik Pendingin

Materi :
The Refrigeration Skills Trainers are designed to teach future refrigeration
technicians the manual skills of the trade. Electrical wiring, piping, evacuating
and charging refrigerant, as well as troubleshooting are covered.

Topic coverage :
– Reading electrical and mechanical assembly drawings
– Cutting, bending, and installing tubing
– Connecting typical electrical refrigeration components
– Charging and operation of assembled circuits

Tujuan :
Domestic Freezer: Provides a basic understanding of the applications
of a standard condensing unit and a natural convection evaporator.
Walk-In Cooler: Provides a basic understanding of the applications
of forced-air evaporators and water cooled condensers. Universal Refrigeration:
Provides hands-on training in the principles and components of universal
refrigeration units.

Pelaksanaan :
– Kapasitas: 12 orang
– Durasi: 4 hari
– Biaya:

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