Pelatihan Kelistrikan Energi Terbarukan

Materi :
– DC Power Circuits
– Lead-Acid Batteries
– Solar Power (Photovoltaic)
– Introduction to Wind Power
– Through hands-on training on a complete hybrid energy system
used in the consumer and industrial markets to supplement
the world’s power needs.
– The modular program covers the history, fundamentals,
installation, operation, maintenance, and servicing of solar
and wind energy systems.

Tujuan :
The Basic Renewable Energy Training System provides in-depth coverage
of foundational renewable energy systems. It provides an introduction
to DC power circuits, and covers in detail the principles behind the production
of electrical energy from both solar power and wind power. The participants
are then introduced to the storage of electrical energy produced from renewable
resources into lead-acid batteries for future consumption

Pelaksanaan :
– Kapasitas: 12 orang
– Durasi: 4 hari
– Biaya:

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