Pelatihan Elektronika dan Mikro Kontroller

Materi :
Fundamentals of AC/DC
– Fundamental principles of electricity, including voltage, current, resistance,
conductors and insulators, electromagnetism
– Electric components including resistors, capacitors, inductors, series circuits,
parallel circuits, series-parallel circuits Basic Electronics
– Advanced electric components including transistors, amplifiers,
oscillators, op-amps, and logic gates
– PIC micro microcontroller Motors and Generators
– Motors and generators – Locktronics

Tujuan :
– Covers topics and components relevant in today’s industry
– Visualization of electrical theory in real-world applications enables easy transition
from reading circuit diagrams to building circuits
– Uses a range of easilyconnectable components to teach students the principles
of electricity and electronics
– Includes more than 200 electrical components that can be plugged
into metal pillars on the baseboard to create working circuits.
– PIC Microcontroller performs preprogrammed functions and
can be customized

Pelaksanaan :
Kapasitas: 12 orang
Durasi: 4 hari

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