Pelatihan Electrical Technology

Materi :
Electrical Course Areas (41 Topics) with Pre and Post Tests
1. Electrical Fundamentals
2. Electrical Instruments/Panel Meters
3. Electrical Components
4. Electrical Machines
5. Electrical Appliances
6. DC Power Supply
7. Wiring and Installation
8. Motor Control

Keunggulan :
1. Pre and Post-Test Surveys
2. Introduction to 21st Century Learning
3. How to use a TVET LMS to Deliver Competency Based Training
4. TVET LMS Administration
5. TVET LMS Reporting and Analytics
6. How to Incorporate Lesson Plans within a TVET LMS
7. Certificates of Completion by Labtech and Certified by Worlddidac

Pelaksanaan :
– Kapasitas:Min 10 orang
– Durasi:Kelas online 8 hari
– Biaya:

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