Pelatihan Air Conditionind and Refrigeration Technology

Materi :
HVAC Course Areas (50 Topics) with Pre and Post Tests
1. HVAC Fundamentals
2. Electric Circuit and Controls
3. Electric Motors
4. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Compressors
5. Refrigeration System Components
6. Refrigeration Systems
7. Air Conditioning Systems
8. Automotive Air Conditioning

Keunggulan :
1. Pre and Post-Test Surveys
2. Introduction to 21st Century Learning
3. How to use a TVET LMS to Deliver Competency Based Training
4. TVET LMS Administration
5. TVET LMS Reporting and Analytics
6. How to Incorporate Lesson Plans within a TVET LMS
7. Certificates of Completion by Labtech and Certified by Worlddidac

Pelaksanaan :
– Kapasitas: Min 10 orang
– Durasi: Kelas online 8 hari
– Biaya:

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