Nitrogen Analyzer with Digest Furnace


Nitrogen Analyzer with Digest Furnace
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Digunakan untuk analisis protein pada suatu zat.
– Nitrogen Analyzer
Test varieties: grain, food, dairy products, drink, animal food, soil, medicine, settling, chemical, etc. Water Inlet Mode: running water and distilled water, wide use coverage
Time for cooling water: approx. 3L/Min
Power source: AC220V / 50HZ Power: approx. 1000 W
Water supply: water pressure
>1.5MPa; water temperature: <20℃ – Digest furnace
Displayer: digital displayer Temperature control: digital control Temperature control range: room
Heating up speed: approx. 30℃/min
Measurement range: approx. 0.1mgN-200mgN
Measurement quantity: measure several varieties simultaneously at a time (4 holes)
Digest time: approx. 60-90 min/batch
Volume of digest pipe: approx. 300ml
Power: approx. 1000W/1500W/2000W/2500W

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