Linear drive, pneumatic


Linear drive, pneumatic
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Rodless linear drive with guide.
Space-saving, rodless linear drive with recirculating ball bearing guide
Double-acting cylinder; compressed air produces forward and return stroke
The point of force delivery is protected against rotation around the longitudinal axis of the drive
Adjustable end position cushioning at both end positions
The piston is fitted with a permanent magnet whose magnetic field can be sensed via suitable proximity switches. This permits contactless sensing of intermediate and end positions of the drive
Technical data:
Cushioning type: pneumatic buffering, adjustable
Cushioning length: 18 mm
Protection against torsion: guide
Stroke length: 450 mm
Overall length: 650 mm
Pressure range: 200–800 kPa (2–8 bar)
Connection/thread type: thread G 1/8″
Effective force (theoretical) at 600 kPa (6 bar): 295 N
Air consumption at 6 bar: 0.03 l/stroke
Including connection and assembly material


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