KNX/EIB Compact Trainer


KNX/EIB Compact Trainer
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Spesifikasi :
Minimum configuration : Input voltage: 1 AC/230 V AC (50 Hz), short circuit and overload protection
Phase display
Output for the connection of additional KNX/EIB  modules
Output voltage: 1 AC/230 V AC
Integrated power supply unit 30 V DC 0.16 A
USB interface
4/4-fold switching output/binary input
2-fold louvre actuator
2-fold dimming actuator
4-fold universal binary I/O
4-fold multi-function pushbutton sensor with 8 pushbuttons
2-fold multi-function pushbutton sensor with 4 pushbuttons, room temperature controller including setpoint and actual value input and display
Integrated simulation panel with 14 colour LEDs, some dimmable
KNX system connector for bus connection
Connection via 4 mm and 2 mm safety connectors
Control console housing with rubber feet for use in A4 frame or on tabletop

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