Grain Moisture Meter Advanx Innotech


Grain Moisture Meter Advanx Innotech
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Adalah instrumen yang digunakan untuk menguji kelembaban benih secara akurat, khususnya benih berukuran lebih besar seperti padi, kacang, gandum, jagung dll.

Parameter teknis:

Grain seeds can be tested:
– Round shapped paddy – Soybean – Wheat
– Rapeseed – Maize – Barley – Rapeseeds meal
– Grain forage – Sunflower seeds – Big watermelon seeds
– Small watermelon seeds – Carrot seeds – Long shapped paddy
– Rice – Soybean meal – Peanut – Black sesame
– Yellow sesame – Cotton seeds – Cotton meal – Coffee bean
Grains: 21kinds of grains
Measuring accuracy: ≤ 0.5% (main moisture range)
Measuring range: 3-35%
Display : LED
Sampling mode: basis weight 150g (except special samples)
Working compensation: automatic
Working environment: 0-40°C
Storage temperature:0-45°C
Working power: 9V DC, 4AA dry batteries
Net weight of meter: approx. 600g
Calibration: floating 3 points calibration, unlimited sample (20 common grains have been calibrated in advance, can be tested directly)

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