Equipment PLC to Electro Pneumatic Training System


Equipment PLC to Electro Pneumatic Training System
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Peralatan training yang digunakan untuk media pembelajaran utama aktuator pada sistem elektropneumatik.

Konfigurasi :  
4mm safety lab cables 8092666
Fluidic muscle, 571807
Set of Component 571816
– On-off valve with filter/regulator
– Linear drive
– Function
– Electromagnetically actuated 3/2-way fast
– switching solenoid valve
– Proximity sensor
– 5/3-way solenoid valve, mid position closed
– Second one-way flow control valve
Semi rotary drive 571812
Air pressure reservoir 576624
Universal connection unit 567322
Set of Component 567306
– Syslink cable with end-sleeves
– Weight, 2 kg
– Weight, 175 g
Workstation dengan profile plate 1100 x 700 mm dan ER frame 571814
Power supply 24VDC, 4.5 A 571813
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