Equipment Electro Pneumatic Training System


Equipment Electro Pneumatic Training System
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Peralatan training yang digunakan untuk media pembelajaran dengan topik utama aktuator pada sistem elektropneumatik. Peralatan ini telah dilengkapi dengan quick-fix mounting yang memudahkan pemasangan komponen-komponennya pada aluminium profile plate. Peralatan training ini minimal terdiri dari :
– Fluidic muscle, size 10
with mounting accessories for adaptation to two double-acting cylinders.
– Semi rotary drive
Semi-rotary drive with rotating plate for attaching weights in order to simulate loads.
Freely adjustable swivel angle of 0 to 180°
Freely selectable setup position of 0 to 90°
Three adapters for attaching proximity sensors
Flexible cushioning at both ends
Pneumatic connection with QS-4 push-in fitting
Operating pressure: 200 to 800 kPa (2 to 8 bar)
Quick action mounting system Quick-Fix
– Linear drive
Stroke with plain-bearing guide, elastic cushioning rings and safety guard
– Function generator/counter/stopwatch
Multi-function device: function generator, counter and stop-watch.

Electromagnetically actuated 3/2-way fast-switching solenoid valve
Normally closed single-solenoid poppet valve with mechanical spring and non-detenting manual override.
Electrical connection with 4 mm safety plug
Power supply: 24 V DC
Pneumatic connection with push-in fitting QS-6
Switching time on/off: 2.3/2.8 ms
Max. switching frequency: 280 Hz
Operating pressure: -90 – 800 kPa
(-0.9 – 8 bar)
Quick action mounting system Quick-Fix
– 5/3-way solenoid valve, mid position closed
Pilot actuated, single solenoid piston spool valve with pneumatic spring return, non-detenting and detenting manual override, and LED.
Response time 7 ms
Operating pressure 150 – 800 kPa
(1.5 – 8 bar)
Electrical connection via integrated 4 mm safety sockets
24 V DC power supply
Pneumatic connection via QS-4 push-in fitting
Quick action mounting system Quick-Fix
– Second one-way flow control valve
For controlling the flow rate. Flow control screws for continuous flow rate adjustment in either flow direction. In the reverse direction, the air flows through a full cross-section check valve.
Push-in fitting via
QS-4 pneumatic connection
Standard nominal flow rate in flow control/non-return direction:
90/70 l/min
Operating pressure: 50 – 1,000 kPa (0.5 – 10 bar)

Proximity sensor, electronic
Magneto-resistive proximity sensor, magnetically operated
Connection via 4 mm safety connectors
Switching output N/O contact (PNP) with switching status indication
Overload and short-circuit proof, with reverse polarity protection
Operating voltage 5 – 30 V DC
Output current: max. 100 mA
Switching time (on/off) max. 1 ms
Mounting system for T-slot
‘- On-off valve with filter/regulator
Input pressure: 1000 kPa (10 bar)
Operating pressure: 600 kPa (6 bar)
Differential pressure: 100 kPa (1 bar)
‘- Weight, 175 g
Set of two weights (2×175 g) for the quarter turn actuator
‘- Weight 2 kg for linear drive
‘- Air pressure reservoir
Operating medium: filtered, lubricated or unlubricated compressed air
Volume: 400 ml
Operating pressure: 0–16 bar
Connection: QSL-1/8-4 at both ends, for plastic tubing PUN 4 x 0.75
Quick-action mounting system Quick-Fix


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