Drawing machine

Untuk menggambar garis paralel, siku atau dengan sudut
tertentu. Drafting head assembly Scale in metric system
Horisontal : approx. 30 cm
Vertical : approx. 20 cm
Guide track : parallelism
Accuracy : ±3/10000mm
Made from aluminum alloy
Horizontal guide track : approx. 158 cm
Vertical Guide track : approx.119 cm,
Auxiliary track with extension :123cm ~ 145 cm
Drafting board
Size up to A0 : 122 cm x 92 cm(48″x36″)
Magnetic board : no warp or
Paper clamp : stainless steel
strips (approx. 0.1mm thick, 2.5 cm wide), holding drawing paper
firmly : approx. 80cm 2pcs, approx. 50 cm 3 pcs, approx. 30cm 3pcs

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