Demonstration Kit ‘Flight and flying’

Detailed instructions for 25 experiments:
• Static lifting power
– hot air balloon
– solar balloon
• Forces exerted by air stream
• Dynamic lifting power
• Air-flow velocity
• Air-flow processes (Venturi tube)
• Principle of the inclined tube manometer
• Measuring the flow velocity
• Principle of the Pitot tube
• Pressure differences at the air foil
• Pressure distribution along the surface of the air foil

  • Measuring the dynamic lift
  • Air-stream distribution   around the air foil
  • Air resistance and shapes   of bodies
  • Measuring the air-stream resistance
  • Flow processes at obstacles
  • Eddy formation   behind a disc
  • Pull of an impeller
  • Principle of an autogiro
  • Mechanism of a rotary wing
  • Reaction principle
  • Functional model   of a rocket


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