Beverage Cooler Trainer


Beverage Cooler Trainer
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Spesifikasi :
Alat ini digunakan sebagai perangkat pelatihan sekaligus sebagai alat ukur
untuk mengetahui kemampuan siswa tentang beverage cooler
Part list :
Hardware Descriptions
Power Requirements
– Voltage: 220 V – 50 Hz
The training system shall be partially factory assembled and includes at least the following components with their respective features:
Mobile Shelf
Features of this component shall include:
– One (1) white baked-enamel, silk-screened functional panel
– One (1) storage shelf with lockable heavy-duty casters
– One (1) white baked-enamel, silk-screened control panel to identify the controls and their functions
Refrigeration Circuits
These refrigeration circuits shall include:
– One (1) hermetic compressor
– One (1) liquid receiver
– One (1) water-cooled condenser
– One (1) water pressure control valve
– One (1) filter dryer
– One (1) liquid indicator
– One (1) forced air evaporator
– Use R-134A as refrigerant
Control Devices
Features of these control devices shall include:
– One (1) thermostatic expansion valve
– One (1) dual pressure controller
– One (1) pre-assembled variable evaporator fan speed control knob
– One (1) pre-assembled indicator light
– One (1) pre-assembled compressor switch
– One (1) pre-assembled power switch
– One (1) pre-assembled power breaker
Consumable Supplies Package
This package shall include:
– Wiring conduits, unions and adapters
– Wires and wire connectors
– Copper tubes
– Flare nuts and tee
– Insulation foam pipe
– One (1) spool of solder
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