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Antenna Trainer
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Alat ini digunakan sebagai perangkat pelatihan sekaligus sebagai alat ukur untuk mengetahui kemampuan siswa tentang antenna

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Hardware Descriptions
The Antenna Training and Measuring System shall include at least the following equipment with their respective requirements:
RF Generator
Features of this equipment shall include:
– This module shall contain two independent generators capable of producing a CW or 1-kHz square wave AM modulated RF signal at 915 MHz and 10.5 GHz.
– Each generator shall have a push-button switch for turning RF power on and off, an LED that flashes on and off when RF power is turned on, and an SMA output connector.
– The oscillator in the 915-MHz generator shall be tuned from 700 to 1200 MHz via an external tuning voltage input.
– All outputs shall be fully protected against short-circuits and misconnections.
– The RF Generator shall be self-powered and have a standard unregulated DC power bus to supply power to other compatible modules through it top panel connector.
– The unit shall beep when RF power is turned on to help avoid interference and to warn students in the laboratory that RF power is being emitted.
– Power Requirements: 1 A (also available: 0.5 A at 220/240 V – 50 Hz)
– Unregulated DC Output (Power Bus): +25 V typ. – 1 A max; -25 V typ. – 1 A max; +11 V typ. – 1 A max
– 1-GHz RF Power Output:
 Impedance: 50 Ω
 Power Level: +3 dBm (typical); 0 dBm (minimum)
– 10-GHz RF Power Output:
 Impedance: 50 Ω
 Power Level: +10 dBm (typical)
– 1-GHz Tuning Voltage Input:
 Voltage Range: 0 to 10 V
 Frequency Range: 700 to 1200 MHz
– Protection:
 AC Line Input: Circuit Breaker
 Unregulated DC Power Bus: Circuit Breaker

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