Air conditioner skill trainer

Air conditioner skill trainer


Air conditioner skill trainer
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Air conditioner skill trainer ini terdiri dari tipikal komponen dalam unit Air Conditioning seperti hermatic compressor, kondensator, dryer, thermo expansion valve, blower dan sebagainya. Panel kontrol terdiri dari fan speed control. di rencang untuk belajar keterampilan wiring, pemipaan, pengisian.

1 hermetic condensing unit (hermetic compressor, forced-air condenser, liquid receiver)

1 filter dryer,

1 moisture/liquid indicator,

1 strainer,

1 capillary controller,

1 forced air evaporator,

1 blower,

1 temperature controller,

1 low-pressure controller

1 air ducts

1 control panel includes

– variable evaporator fan speed control,

– indicator light,

– compressor switch,

– power switch, and

– power breaker

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