Advanced Electro Hydraulic Training System


Advanced Electro Hydraulic Training System
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Digunakan untuk pembelajaran mengenai suatu sistem elektro hidrolik, lengkap beserta komponen-komponen elektro hidrolik, serta pengaplikasiannya dalam sistem otomasi industri.

Konfigurasi :   
Test line 8092666
Hydraulic power unit: 152962
Pump power motor  AC 400 V 3 phase, 50 Hz dengan proteksi kelebihan beban,
Power: 1.1KW, Flow: 2 x 3.7L/min, Oil box volume: 40 Ltr
Gear pump system: motor pump using open shelf installation, structure compact, low noise, easy to maintenance Part list:
Training workbench 159411
Hydraulic station 162386
Equipment set 566918
– Double-acting hydraulic cylinder
1x Weight, 9 kg, for cylinder
1x Mounting kit for cylinders
– One-way throttle valve
– Throttle valve
– Pressurerelief valve (directly actuated)
– 4/3 Way solenoid valve (M)
– 4/3-WAY solenoid valve(O)
– 4/3 Way solenoid valves(Y)
– 4/3-WAY  solenoid valve (H)
– 4/2 Way solenoid valve
– 4/2 Way manual shuttle valves
TP1422 Equipment set : 571850
– Speed regulator valve
– Pilot relief valve
– Piloted sequence valve
– Pilot type pressure reducing valve
– Piloted operated check valve
– Check valve
– Pressure relay
– T connector
– Five way connector
– Hydraulic distributor
– Glycerin pressure gauge
– Relay module
– Button switch module
– Power supply for hydraulic pump sudah include pada pump
– Photoelectric sensor
– Capacity sensor
– Inductive sensor
– Micro switch module (left)
– Micro switch module (right)
Equipment set  573035
– 2x Proximity sensor, electronic
– 1x time relay, 2-way
– 1x preset counter, electronic
– 1x diaphragm accumulator with shut-off block
– 1x hydraulic motor
– 1x emergency stop switch, electric
– PLC module
– PLC programming software
– Download cable
– Toolkit
Hose 0.6m, Hose 1m, Hose 1.5m 152970
DC power module 159396
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