AC DC Training System


AC DC Training System
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AC / DC Training System dirancang khusus untuk memperkenalkan siswa pada prinsip dasar sirkuit listrik, baik dalam arus searah (dc) dan arus bolak-balik (ac).

Konfigurasi :
– DC power source (protected)
– AC power source (protected)
– A selection of resistors
– An inductor, parallel-connected
– to a fl uorescent light
– Two capacitors
– Transformer
– A selection of switches: SPDT, DPDT, NO push button,
– NC push button, selector switch, knife switch
– DC relay
– AC relay
Equipment set 566918
– A selection of indicator lights: green, yellow, red
– Solenoid
– Buzzer
– Circuit breaker with test components
– Fuse
– Potentiometer
– DC motor
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