Simulator Jaringan

Application Layer Protocol Module
– Mendukung simulasi Protocol HTTP, FTP, DNS, SMTP, SNMP dan Protocol Layer Aplikasi lainnya
Intel Pentium M Processor 3.2 GHz, RAM 2 GB, HDD 3.5″ 500GB,
DVD RW, 250 Watt PSU, LAN Card (On board), Cooling Fan 12 cm
VGA Cable D-sub 1.5m, Patchcord Cat5E UTP 1.7m
USB cable male – female 1.5m, USB cable male – male 1.5m
Flexible cable 6 pin 50cm

Routing Layer Protocol Module

Intel Pentium M Processor 3.2 GHz, Cooling Fan 12 cm,
VGA Cable D-sub 1.5m, Patchcord Cat5E UTP 60cm
USB cable male – female 1.5m, USB cable male – male 1.5m
HDD 3.5″ 500GB
250 Watt PSU, LAN Card (On board), Ethernet Card PCI-Express

WAN Trainer Micro-controller Module
Mendukung simulasi switching Layer 2, simulasi jaringan berbasis kabel copper dan fiber optic,
simulasi jaringan nirkabel dan simulasi pointing
WAN Trainer Micro-controller board, Switching power supply 12V/5A, 5V/10A
DC Power cable with jack 1.5m, Flexible cable 16 pin 1.7m

Keypad and LCD Display Control Panel
Keypad & LCD Display Micro Controller Board
LCD Display panel 2 x 4cm
Keypad 4 x 4 cm, Flexible cable 6-pin 50cm

Network & I/O Panel
Mikrotik Router Board, Media Converter, Easy Smart Switch 5-port
Barel 1-port, 150Mbps Wireless Router, LAN 4-port
Patchcord Cat5e UTP 1.5 meter, VGA cable D-Sub 1.5 meter, VGA Splitter 2-port
VGA Extender port, USB Extender port, DC Jack – Female, Patchcord FO SC-SC MM Duplex, 5 meter
Patchcord Cat5e UTP 0.3 meter , Patchcord Cat5e UTP, 5 meter

Power extension & Display
15.6” LED Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse
Power Extension 5-port
Parallel Extension Power Cable 1.5 meter

WAN Trainer Table
Material: Particle board finishing PVC sheet + Acrylic
Hydraulic Spring
Dimension: P= 120Cm, L=60Cm, T=18Cm

WAN Trainer Table Leg
Material: Iron
Dimension: P= 120Cm, L=60Cm, T=57Cm

ISP / BTS Simulator
ISP Simulator Micro-controller Board
Keypad & LCD Display Micro-controller Board, ISP Simulator
LCD Display Panel 2×40, Keypad 4×4, Flexible cable 12-pin
Mikrotik Router Board, 8-port + 2-port SFP Gigabit Ethernet Managebel Switch
3G Wireless Access Point Router, 3G Modem
Media Converter, Switching Power Supply 12V/5A, 5V/10A
Power Extension 5-port, On/Off Switch
ISP Simulator Box: Iron Plate + Acrylic

Mini Tower Simulation Module
5 x Iron Mini Tower framework
1 x Receiver Module: Plastic + Laser Diode
4 x Transceiver Module: Plastic + Photo Diode
15.6” LED Monitor

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